The Tools

A unified, clear view of your marketing and business data

Pixel Compass brings all of your digital marketing data together into a unified experience. Compass gives fast access to powerful insights that are important to your business. Combined with PixelMEDIA’s digital marketing expertise, you can make decisions faster getting results like never before.

The Knowledge

Personalized consulting to help you refine your strategy

Compass is an integrated offering of PixelMEDIA’s digital marketing services. You get access to one of our digital specialists helping you interpret your data and revise your strategy for the best possible results.


One universal login

See all of your services seamlessly integrated in one unified dashboard quickly and easily.

Expert consultation

Get Compass-driven insights and direction from PixelMEDIA's certified experts every month.

Holistic view of entire business

Compass compiles several key metrics enabling you to see the overall health of your operations with ease.

Real-time analytics

Get up to the minute metrics anytime and from any device

Customized dashboards

We segment and prioritize the data you need specific to your business.

Department level views of data

Compass delivers a uniquely tailored experience for any type of decision maker.

Timeframe comparisons

Measure progress between specific time periods to gauge long-term success.

Secure and scalable

Compass grows with you with total security and seamless integrations to countless APIs.

Schedule a Demo

We’d love to show you what Compass can do for you and your business. Call 603.430.2033 today to speak with a Pixel representative.

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